Newsicon1 Partida and Carson Take Seats on City Council 07-10-18
87619bcc-e659-402c-905d-182d329e5d29 Gloria Partida and Dan Carson were sworn in and took their seats on the Davis City Council.  At the ceremony, Robb Davis and Rochelle Swanson were thanked by public officials for their service on the council.  Brett Lee was sworn in as Mayor for the next 2 years. Gloria Partida will take ov...

Newsicon1 Crisis in Employee Pension and Retirement Costs declared by Grand Jury 06-29-18
Finance_pic_small Employee pension and retirement costs were labelled a "crisis" by Yolo County Grand Jury.  "California cities are experiencing an alarming fiscal burden due to increasing expenses and liabilities related to retiree pensions and health insurance. Yolo County’s four cities (Davis, West&n...

Newsicon1 City of Davis Facing Long Term Fiscal Challenges 06-28-18
Finance_pic_small The City of Davis budget was approved by the Davis City Council at their June 19 meeting.  The draft budget was published in mid May.   City Manager Mike Webb characterizes the budget as cautiously optimistic and warns of  long-term fiscal challenges in his transmittal letter...

Newsicon1 Official Election Results for June 5 Election 06-23-18
Election_vote_ The official results for the June 5 election have been announced by the Yolo County Elections Office.  The official results did not change from the preliminary results announced June 6.  Gloria Partida and Dan Carson won the 2 seats for Davis City Council.  Ms. Partida got the most vot...

Newsicon1 City Council Work on Cost Containment 06-06-18
Finance_pic_small Mayor Robb Davis and Council Member Rochelle Swanson published an editorial in both the Davis Enterprise and the Davis Vanguard on June 3.   In the editorial, Davis and Swanson say that the City has been negotiating with the City employee labor groups to share the risk of rising pensio...

Newsicon1 Davis Election Night Coverage from Davis Media Access 06-06-18
Election night coverage from Davis Media Access. Stephen Souza is the host with cohosts Robb Davis (the first hour) and Rochelle Swanson (the second hour).

Newsicon1 Davis Election Results 06-06-18
Candidates_on_stage_small Davis election results can be found a this yolo elections page.  Gloria Partida got the most votes for the Davis City Council with Dan Carson coming in a close second.  Measure H, the parks parcel tax, passed.  Measure I, the roads parcel tax, did not pass and Measure J, the Nishi...

Newsicon1 CivEnergy Forum on City of Davis Measures H, I and J with Video 05-10-18
Civenergy_measures020f_46 CivEnergy held a forum on the City of Davis Measures H (Parks Parcel Tax), I (Roads Parcel Tax) and J (Nishi).  For Measure H, Will Arnold represented the "Yes" side,  Michael Nolan represented the "No" side.  For Measure I, Elaine Roberts Musser and Brett Lee represented the "Yes" sid...

Newsicon1 CivEnergy Davis City Council Candidate Forum Info and Video 03-19-18
Candidates_on_stage_small CivEnergy sponsored a Davis City Council candidates forum on March 18, 2018 in the Davis Community Church Fellowship Hall. All nine candidates for the two open council seats participated.  The candidates are: Ezra Beeman, Mary Jo Bryan, Dan Carson, Linda Deos, Eric Gudz, Larry Guenther, Glo...

Discussicon Davis City Council Election 2018 Online Forum
​In June of 2018, there will be two Davis City Council seats up for election. The current Davis City council consists of: Will Arnold, Robb Davis (Mayor), Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee (Mayor Pro Tem) and Rochelle Swanson.
Video Candidate Statement (Davis Media Access) ​Davis Media Access provided the candidates the opportunity to give a candidate statement under identical conditions in the DMA studio. The statements were limited to 5 minutes.
3 months ago9 viewpoints
Affordable Housing What would you do to increase affordable housing? and What are you ideas about addressing the housing crisis in Davis? and If it were necessary to get university full participation (50% of current and 100% of new students), would you be willing to sue the university, as some UCs have done?
about 1 month ago8 viewpoints
Homelessness ​What do you see as the most effective way to address the growing homeless problem? Please address in your answer the following: A. Do you support a panhandling ordinance?; B. Would you support a Social Services Parcel Tax?; C. Do you support a Housing First approach?; and D. What other measures would you support as councilmember?
about 1 month ago6 viewpoints

Newsicon1 City Council Candidate Websites 05-21-18
Candidates_from_online_forum Here are links to the 9 Davis City Council websites (alphabetical order): Ezra Beeman, Mary Jo Bryan, Dan Carson, Linda Deos, Eric Gudz, Larry Guenther, Gloria Partida, Luis Rios, Mark West

Eventicon1 ​Election night at Davis Media Access 06-05-2018 - 08:00 PM
Davis_media_access_small Davis Media Access (DMA) will produce a live, election-night program on June 5, 2018 highlighting the Davis City Council race and local ballot measures. DMA is the non-profit community media and technology center whose main projects are DCTV Channel 15 on the Comcast cable system - public access tele...

Newsicon1 Measure J "Yes" and "No" Videos 05-06-18
Here are the Measure J "Yes" and "No" Videos videotaped by Davis Media Access.  The "Yes" videoThe "No" video

Newsicon1 Videos to Help Voters with Information Available from Davis Media Access 04-27-18
Davis_media_access_small Davis Media Access (DMA) has produced a series of “Meet the Candidates” and Pro/Con statements for local ballot measures for the June 5, 2018 election.Currently celebrating its 30th year, DMA is the non-profit community media & technology center supporting local content creation, archiving and distri...

Discussicon Measure I
Shall a new Street and Bike Maintenance Tax of $99 per year on residential units and on non-residential units in amounts specified in the Ordinance be approved?

Discussicon Measure H
Shall renewal of the existing Park Maintenance Tax of $49 per year on residential units and on non-residential units in amounts specified in the Ordinance be approved?

Particicon Ask Questions of the Davis City Council Candidates
If you have a question for the Davis City Council candidates, send it to We will include it in a community list of questions....

Newsicon1 Video Interview about CivEnergy 03-06-18
CivEnergy is featured in this  Davis Media Access "In The Studio" episode.  Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Bob Fung, the developer of the website.  

Newsicon1 Professor Robert Putnam on Civic Engagement and the Internet 03-17-17
In a panel discussion held on March 7 at Tufts College in Massachusetts, Robert Putnam said that he thought an amalgam of internet interactions and face-to-face interactions was critical to raise civic engagement in the United States.  "I think that what we are seeing now, out in the country, is...

Discussicon Measure J (Nishi)
Shall the Nishi Project be approved?

Newsicon1 Davis Vanguard Weekly Questions to the Candidates 05-28-18
Candidates_on_stage_small The Davis Vanguard asked the City Council candidates a weekly question for 11 weeks.  Here are links to the articles: Support for Measure R, Cost Containment, Affordable Housing, Davis Downtown, Police Oversight and Picnic Day, Lawsuits Against the City, Tax Me...

Newsicon1 Downtown Business Assocation Forum 05-18-18
On April 25, the Downtown Business Association held a candidate forum at the Bicycle Hall of Fame.  All 9 candidates participated.  The Davis Vanguard published four articles that summarized the questions and the candidates' responses.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. &n...

Newsicon1 Yolo County Realtors Davis City Council Candidates Forum 05-11-18
On May 9th, the Yolo County Association of Realtors held a candidate forum for the Davis City Council candidates.  The Davis Vanguard published the candidate responses in four parts:  Part 1: Introduction and Measure R, Part 2: Rent Control, Part 3: UC Davis Housing, &nb...

Newsicon1 Davis City Council Candidate Responses to Sierra Club Yolano Group Questions 04-25-18
Yolanologo The Sierra Club Yolano Group prepared a questionnaire for candidates for the Davis City Council.  The asked the candidates a list of 23 questions.  They got responses from all 9 candidates.  The questions asked the candidates’ views on a wide range of environmentally-related issues of ...

Newsicon1 Measure H "Yes" and "No" Video Statements 05-18-18
Davis Media Access videotaped "Yes" and "No" statements on Measure H.  "Yes" Statement"No" Statement

Newsicon1 Mayor Davis Gives an Analysis of the State of the City of Davis 08-29-16
Robb_davis Mayor Robb Davis gave an analysis of the state of the City of Davis in an editorial published in the Davis Vanguard and the Davis Enterprise.  The analysis was in the form of listing: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  This is a called a SWOT analysis and is a commonly used ...

Newsicon1 The Mayor's Corner: The Davis Renaissance 12-28-15
In The Mayor's Corner section of The Davis Enterprise, Mayor Dan Wolk speaks on 2015 and what he calls "The Davis Renaissance". He addresses the improved City of Davis budget, the ways the city has improved infrastructure and the plans it has to further improve infrastructure, the City's plans for ec...

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