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The League of Women Voters Davis Area and CivEnergy bring Richard Rothstein to begin a community conversation on Local Housing Policies, our General Plan and Housing Element. In his book The Color of Law, Mr. Rothstein describes how government enacted housing policies produced and maintained segregat...


The City Council decided on 5 districts for City Council elections.  The consideration of district elections was initiated by a letter from Matt Rexroad on behalf on an anonymous client to the City of Davis on July 1, 2019.   The City Council considered several 5 district options ...

​This a discussion of the League of Women Voters forum held on Oct 16th 2019 entitled "The General Plan "What Is It, and Why Do We Care!". The main speaker at the forum was Mike Webb, City Manager for the City of Davis.


Around 500 students participated in a climate strike in Davis on Friday, September 20th.  The demonstrators marched from the Davis Library to Central Park in downtown Davis.  Related student climate strikes took place in the Sacramento area and around the world.   The climate stri...


Ralph Hexter who has been the provost and executive vice chancellor of UC Davis since 2011, announced that he will step down from his campus leadership positions at the end of the academic year.  He will be going back to to his teaching and research in classics and comparative literature.  ...


At their meeting on September 3, the Davis City Council unanimously voted to put a renewal of the City's 1% sales tax on the March 2020 ballot.  The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2019/20 estimates a total of $8.6 million in annual revenue which is 15% of the general fund revenue for the Ci...


The City of Davis has started outreach to the community to gather input on the transition from at-large elections to district-based elections for the Davis City Council.   The process will take place in September and October.   Please participate!  You can find more informati...


The Davis City Council voted unanimously to make the elections for City Council district-based and to move the next election from March to November of 2020.  The consideration of district elections was initiated by a letter from Matt Rexroad on behalf on an anonymous client to the City of D...

In a report to the Davis City Council, the City Manager and his staff recommended that the City transition to district elections.  The report discusses different transition strategies.  The consideration of district elections was initiated by a letter from Matt Rexroad on behalf on an anony...

www.tpcp.org/programs/ptg/ (530) 601-5959

Pine Tree Gardens provides residential supportive services to (28 adults) and adult day rehabilitation program services (16 adults) to Yolo County clients, aged 18 to 59, who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness.


Lin Weaver discusses the history and restart of the League of Women Voters with Mary Jo Bryan, Georgina Valencia, and Bob Fung in a episode of DCTV's In the Studio.  


The City of Davis did a survey of voters on a number of issues and published the results at the City Council Meeting on July 9.  The survey showed that the lack of affordable housing is the number one issue for voters in Davis; that voters would likely pass a renewal of the 1% sales tax that tha...


CivEnergy is working to create a new, comprehensive community organization listing which is a free resource for residents of Davis and Yolo County.It is being built in a way that allows community members to search for organizations in a number of ways (e.g., organization name, organization category, ...


The first Democratic presidential debates were held on June 26 and 27. Here is a different format that was developed by the NY Times (link) which is very close to the CivEnergy online election discussion format.  Let us know what you think about this format versus the debate format.  Unfort...


The League of Women Voters is restarting in Davis!.  A successful, informational meeting was held on Wednesday May 29 at the G St Wunderbar.  Over 40 people attended the meeting.  The organizers of the meeting were:  Mary Jo Bryan, Bob Fung, Georgina Valencia, and Matt Williams.&n...


On March 5, the Davis City Council approved a resolution on the consent calendar, declaring a climate emergency and and proposing mobilization efforts to restore a safe climate.  The resolution was drafted by a citizen group including Lorenzo Kristov, Lynne Nittler, Elizabeth Lasensky,...


The need for local civic engagement for a healthy democracy has never been greater. Even with 24/7 internet and phone connectivity, discu... , Ann M. Evans
COOL Cuisine is so pleased to participate in CivEnergy's new community organization directory. It allows us to connect with Davisites and... , Anya McCann
CivEnergy first came to my notice in the 2018 Council Candidate Forums. I was impressed by how CivEnergy managed and ran the Forum: goo... , Georgina Valencia

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