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Three out of the five seats on the Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education are up for election on November 6, 2018.  The Board currently consists of Tom Adams, Barbara Archer, Alan Fernandes, Bob Poppenga, and Joy Klineberg.  There are 4 candidates:  Tom Adams, Joe DiNunzio, Chris Legal, and Cindy Pickett.  


There are 4 candidates for this office. They are:

Civenergy_3 Joe DiNunzio
Defaultuserpic Chris Legal
Cindy-pickett-davis-california-school-board-2018 Cindy Pickett
Web Tom Adams
Candidate Video Presentation (Davis Media Access) There are four candidates running for Davis School Board for the November 2018 election. Each candidate was invited to make a presentation in the Davis Media Access studio under identical conditions. Statements are up to five minutes in length and not edited.
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Candidate Introduction Introduce yourself (include why you are running for DJUSD Board)
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Candidate Platform Give a summary of your platform. What do you feel are the important issues facing DJUSD?
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Measure M: Facilities School Bond The Davis Joint Unified School District's last General Obligation Bond to support school facilities was passed in 2000. Measure M will come before voters this November. Please speak to the need and the educational value to students of the facility improvements which would be possible with the revenues generated.
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Role as a Board of Education Trustee How are you preparing yourself to govern the district as one member of a five person board? How do you view the board member's role in relation to board colleagues and to the superintendent?
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Board of Education Relations with District, Parents, and Teachers Evaluate the board's current relations with the district, parents and teachers. If you think it is needed, in what ways can the board improve its relations between itself and the district, parents and teachers?
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DJUSD Homework Policy DJUSD has a clearly stated homework policy. Evaluate whether this policy is adhered to by DJUSD teachers. If you think improvements are necessary with respect to adherence to the homework policy, what improvements would you recommend?
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Working with the Diverse Student Population The DJUSD student population is diverse. a. Do you believe current efforts to close the achievement gap between different student subgroups are sufficient, if so, explain why and if not, explain what else we need to do. b. How would you plan to address disparities in the district in terms of discipline and suspension rates among different subgroups of students?​
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Adopting Educational Innovations What educational innovations from outside of DJUSD will you bring to our district? What are they, where have you seen them implemented successfully and how do you plan to implement them successfully?
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Planning for an Economic Downturn Based on historical trends, it is likely that the next board will serve during a period of slowing economic growth and perhaps even recession. How can the board help the district prepare for a reduction in state funding which would likely result?
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Davis_enterprise_logo ​Profiles of 3 of the candidates for DJUSD Board were published in the Davis Enterprise over the last week. The candidates are: Tom Adams, Joe DiNunzio, and Cindy Pickett.
Chris Legal filed to run for Davis School Board.  Mr. Legal listed his profession as "minister" in his candidacy papers and listed “General Delivery, Davis CA” as his mailing address.There are 3 seats up for election this November.
Tom_adams Tom Adams will run for re-election to the Davis School Board.   He was first elected to the School Board in November 2014.  Mr. Adams has has worked for the California Department of Education in Sacramento since 1997.
Jdinunzio_photo_small ​Joe DiNunzio announced his candidacy for the Davis School Board. DiNunzio is president of the Davis Schools Foundation, as well as an adjunct assistant professor at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and Director of Davis Roots. DiNunzio and his wife Liz Stelow, are parents of Willett Elementary sixth-grade twins.
Cindy_pickett_small ​Cindy Pickett, a UC Davis faculty member in the Psychology Department and Associate Vice-Provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion, announced her candidacy for the Davis School Board on May 18, 2018. Ms. Pickett is the mother of two children enrolled in the school district.
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