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In June of 2018, there will be two Davis City Council seats up for election.  The current Davis City council consists of: Will Arnold, Robb Davis (Mayor), Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee (Mayor Pro Tem) and Rochelle Swanson. The terms for Davis and Swanson are expiring. In this election, 2 members of the Davis City Council will be elected for a term of 4 years each.

For basic information about the candidates visit their websites or watch video candidate statements.   Below in the Issues section, the candidates provide responses to more than 15 issues.  A couple of the responses are in video and the rest are in text.  

Over the course of the campaign, the candidates have gone to a number of different forums and answered a number of organizations questions.  Here is a list of forums and questionnaires to explore:  CivEnergy Candidate Forum VideoSierra Club Yolano Group QuestionnaireDowntown Business Association Candidate forumYolo County Realtors ForumVanguard Weekly Questions.  The Value Climate Action Center had a candidates forum which was live streamed on Facebook (forum video).  


There are 9 candidates for this office. They are:

Image Luis Rios Jr.
Mark_west_small_square Mark West
Gloria_headshot Gloria Partida
Mary_jo_headshot Mary Jo Bryan
Dsc_1385_heads Ezra Beeman
28058364_10109766541130103_7903586616383197427_n Eric Gudz
Carson_2-2287 Dan Carson
Linda_outdoor_headshot Linda Deos
08b19d86-3e31-43df-b190-0a50cc0e7605 Larry Guenther
Video Candidate Statement (Davis Media Access) ​Davis Media Access provided the candidates the opportunity to give a candidate statement under identical conditions in the DMA studio. The statements were limited to 5 minutes.
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints
Video Candidate Statement (at Progressive Business Exchange) ​The Progressive Business Exchange asked candidates to give a statement which was videoed.
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints
Candidate Introduction Introduce yourself and include why you are running for Davis City Council.
almost 3 years ago9 viewpoints
Candidate Platform Give a summary of your platform. What are your most important issues?
almost 3 years ago9 viewpoints
Effectiveness on City Council Explain why you will be an effective City Council member.
almost 3 years ago8 viewpoints
Affordable Housing What would you do to increase affordable housing? and What are you ideas about addressing the housing crisis in Davis? and If it were necessary to get university full participation (50% of current and 100% of new students), would you be willing to sue the university, as some UCs have done?
over 2 years ago8 viewpoints
Homelessness ​What do you see as the most effective way to address the growing homeless problem? Please address in your answer the following: A. Do you support a panhandling ordinance?; B. Would you support a Social Services Parcel Tax?; C. Do you support a Housing First approach?; and D. What other measures would you support as councilmember?
over 2 years ago6 viewpoints
Do you support Measure H (Roads Parcel Tax)? We are referring to Measure I, a Street and Bike Path Maintenance Tax that will be on the June ballot.
over 2 years ago8 viewpoints
Do you support Measure J (Nishi)?​
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints
What steps will you take to ensure cost containment?
over 2 years ago7 viewpoints
Do you support a future renewal of Measure R/J?
over 2 years ago8 viewpoints
Would you support a soda tax?
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints
What would be your strategy for making Davis more resilient in the face of coming issues related to climate change? ​Davis will face threats to infrastructure, operations, and quality of life as climate change impacts become more apparent including extreme heat events and drought, or excessive precipitation. What would be your strategy for making Davis more resilient in the face of coming issues related to climate change?
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints
Amount of UCD On-Campus Housing What should the City do, if anything, about this proposed shortfall in on-campus housing build-out by UCD?
over 2 years ago9 viewpoints

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