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Davis Community Church first gathered together in the heart of Davis in the month of June, 1869. We met in the blacksmith's shop not far from the train station near G and Second Streets. The preacher was the village physician, who used a horseshoe crate as a pulpit. 150 years later, DCC still serves the greater community from here in the heart of Davis.

The congregation is currently engaged in exploring a ten-year long term vision called VISION2028. For it to be fruitful, we want maximum involvement not only from the congregation but also from the community so that we can continue to serve the common good of our extended community for years to come. From September 16-mid-October, the congregation will also host a Vision Design Studio in its Gallery on the side of its historic, and newly renovated sanctuary. The Studio is an interactive exhibit enabling people to see the emerging vision and engage it with their questions and ideas. It is open on Sunday mornings from 8:30-noon, and other hours during the week (for hours contact the church office for information, 530.753.2894).

Here on CivEnergy we hope you'll engage over the next month in constructive online conversations that can help us explore the implications of our emerging vision, helping revise and refine it for the benefit of the whole community.

Here's the topic this week: This week, we're talking about the first part of our emerging vision statements:

Why do we exist? We exist to "tend the wellbeing of the place and people around us," (Jeremiah 29.7).

What do we do? We help people thrive--body, mind, and soul.

Tending the wellbeing of the place and people around us What might a church like ours do in the future to tend the wellbeing of the place and people around us?
8 months ago1 viewpoint
Role of religion and spirituality in modern society and in Davis What role do religion and spirituality play in modern society and in a community like Davis?
8 months ago2 viewpoints
What can DCC offer members and community members What might a church that's been around for 150 years, but is willing to change as necessary to "help people thrive--body, mind, and soul" offer you as a member, or as someone in the community who may or may not affiliate with organized religion?
8 months ago3 viewpoints
What is your dream for DCC? If you had a dream for what a religious and spiritual community can do to foster healing, wholeness, and wellbeing in our often wounded and fractured world, what would that dream be? (Think big)
8 months ago2 viewpoints

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