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What is the local food culture of Davis and how can it be improved? Local food culture is a broad concept which encompasses how a community imports, exports, cultivates, markets, consumes, regulates and discusses food. Enhancing local food culture promotes greater opportunities for social interaction, healthier lifestyles, and bot economic and environmental benefits.

Besides the food behavior of community members, our local food culture includes: restaurateurs, wholesale and retail food suppliers, local food growers, food markets, clubs, and organizations. It also includes the City of Davis government and Davisites who grow food or make and process food items at home. These many factors interact to create our unique Davis food culture. One example of the influence of local food culture is the ordinance recently passed by the City of Davis that requires restaurants to replace the sodas and sugary drinks in kids meals with healthier options. The ordinance was advocated for by several organizations in town. The Backyard Chicken Ordinance is an example of encouraging home food production. Not all cities allow for chickens. Others might create a bee and pollinator friendly environment, encouraging local honey production; foster a friendly climate for food trucks and low capital cost food entrepreneurialism through zoning, dedicated lots, and incubator support programs.

Home Food Innovation ​What are you doing at home in Davis that is innovative in terms of food? This could be things such as tending your own garden, preserving meats or vegetables, or any number of other things!
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Food Innovation in Davis What can be done to create more food innovation in Davis in terms of food and restaurants?
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Davis Food Scene How does the food scene in Davis compare to other places you’ve been?
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Memorable Food Experiences What are  some positive memorable food experiences you have had in or around Davis
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