Discussicon Discussion of LWV forum "The General Plan "What Is It, and Why Do We Care!"  

The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a forum on Oct 16th 2019 entitled "The General Plan "What Is It, and Why Do We Care!".  The main speaker at the forum was Mike Webb, City Manager for the City of Davis.  This forum was the first in a series of Educational Forums that will focus on the General Plan and Housing.   Here's a link to the forum audio.  Here's a link to Mike Webb's presentation.   Matt Williams put together a document that links the forum audio and Mike's presentation.  There were several questions from the audience that we didn't have time to ask at the forum.  Here is a link to the questions.   If you have questions or comments regarding the forum, please leave them below (Facebook account required) or email them to info@civenergy.org and we will post them for you.  

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