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At the end of last year 30 local leaders (many working in the food and agriculture sectors) in Davis, California came together to discuss the potential of food and agriculture in Davis. In these “Let’s Talk About Food: Tapping the Potential for Davis” discussions the participants covered everything from the assets that Davis already has, the challenges that it faces and the opportunities ahead. Food policy improvements and the City’s brand and narrative as it pertains to food and agriculture were also discussed.

These discussions were convened by Dr. Catherine Brinkley, Professor in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at UCD, Ann M. Evans, author of the Davis Farmer’s Market Cookbook and former Mayor of Davis, and Deema Tamimi, founder of the Land & Ladle non-profit and Giving Garden startup, along with Diane Parro, under the auspices of the Davis City Council. From these meetings the organizers with the input from all participants, are crafting a recommendation to the City of Davis. The close-to-final recommendation in the form of a report is ready and available for the public and the Davis City Council to read.  You can find the close-to-final report HERE.  If you would like more background material on the report go this Land and Ladle page.  

The conveners of the discussions would like your feedback on the report.  To get your feedback to them, you can send your comments/thoughts to info@civenergy.org or you can leave a comment below using your Facebook account.  We will post your comments on this page and the organizers will respond to them.  There was a forum held on Thursday, Feb 28.  The video of the forum will soon be available.  

Relationship of Food Security and Economic Development Food insecurity is an important issue, but what does that have to do with economic development? We could spend a lot of staff effort and dollars addressing food insecurity, but doing so will distract from the efforts to develop food entrepreneurship and innovation.
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Viable Food-Centered Economic Development Strategy for Davis ​Richard McCann who attended the forum, provided comments on the forum. His main focus is on economic development, and specifically on building a viable food-centered economic development strategy.
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Front-yard fruit stands Sacramento allows front-yard fruit stands by private parties one day a week in order to utilize fruit and food that would otherwise be wasted. Can we do that here in Davis?
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Creative Funding Ideas Here are some creative funding ideas. Seasonal monthly festivals fundraisers and community gatherings like in Japan. Themed events in greenbelt parks and other locations. Davis Food Co-Op, the Farmers Market, Nugget, UC Davis Student Farm, the Mondavi Institute for Food and Wine, etc. are all potential collaborators.
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Food Policy Council relationship with the existing food economy What is the mechanism for the Food Policy Council to engage with the existing retail food economy (I.e. grocery, restaurant, and value added vendors)?
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Role of Local Agriculture The Food and Economic Development in Davis report has very little to say about local agriculture. What role do/should our local food producers play here?
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County level Branding I agree with the demand that branding should be on a County level. It acknowledges that we depend on the region for our food.
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Commercial Site Have you considered the construction of a more commercial site that could potentially house vendors and entrepreneurs and food businesses and pop-ups, which could include a learning center or cafeteria? I’m curious if approaching the space for food from a more commercial viewpoint would generate dollars for the unique programs you are proposing instead of grants, etc.
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Feb 28, 2019 07:00 PM - Jan 22, 2019 09:00 PM
You are invited to a free public forum on the potential for food in Davis on February 28 from 7pm - 9pm at Davis Community Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd, Davis. The forum will cover the topics of food innovation and entrepreneurship, food-related branding for the City of Davis, food sustainability, as well as food security and access in Davis.

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Davis_enterprise_logo The Davis Enterprise published an editorial on Sunday Feb 24 entitled "Make Davis A Good Food City" In 2018, Mayor Brett Lee, through discussion with the authors of the editorial, proposed a Mayoral Initiative on the future of food in Davis. The City Council approved the concept and directed staff to work with the authors to develop a series of meetings with people from the Davis food community.
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