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Yolo County 4th District Supervisor Election
​This is the online forum for the Yolo County 4th District.

Davis City Council Election 2018 Online Forum Completed
​In June of 2018, there will be two Davis City Council seats up for election. The current Davis City council consists of: Will Arnold, Robb Davis...
Homelessness ​What do you see as the most effective way to address the growing homeless problem? Please address in your answer the following: A. Do you support a panhandling ordinance?; B. Would you support a Social Services Parcel Tax?; C. Do you support a Housing First approach?; and D. What other measures would you support as councilmember?
over 1 year ago6 viewpoints
Video Candidate Statement (Davis Media Access) ​Davis Media Access provided the candidates the opportunity to give a candidate statement under identical conditions in the DMA studio. The statements were limited to 5 minutes.
over 1 year ago9 viewpoints
Affordable Housing What would you do to increase affordable housing? and What are you ideas about addressing the housing crisis in Davis? and If it were necessary to get university full participation (50% of current and 100% of new students), would you be willing to sue the university, as some UCs have done?
over 1 year ago8 viewpoints

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