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The Village Feast is a celebration of September’s Sacramento-region Farm to Fork Month. Yolo County puts the “farm” in America’s Farm to Fork Capitol. At The Village Feast we come together to enjoy and honor the bounty of our local farmers.

As a guest, you bring your own table settings, arriving with baskets filled with the necessary plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins, before aperitifs are served—with olives, nuts, and local light wines. With friends and neighbors gathered around, sharing a table and raising our glasses, we feast.

The communal meal, a Grand Aïoli, for 350 people on September 28th, 2019 at 1-4 PM will be held outside, at Central Park in Davis next to the Farmers Market.

Down the center of the tables stand jars of local flowers, bottles of Yolo County wines, fresh baguettes, and bowls of salt. The meal begins family-style, with passed platters of heirloom tomatoes drizzled with local olive oil. Steamed and grilled end-of-season vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and bowls of garlic-scented aïoli follow the tomatoes. Next comes the grilled lamb. The bottles empty, the bread is eaten, and dessert is served—fruit tart, or as the French say, a galette. As the event winds down, guests drift off for coffee, to chat with friends, or to stroll around the park.

What is a Grand Aïoli?

Our Village Feast follows the tradition of one of the great, late-summer feasts of Provence, France, where vast amounts of pungent aïoli—the golden garlic-mayonnaise that is a symbol of Provençal cuisine—unites people and food for a gastronomic celebration. The Sacramento region and Provence share a rich agricultural bounty owing to our Mediterranean climates. All that is needed for a feast—olives and olive oil, vegetables, nuts, wines, lamb, and more—is cultivated from the soil of our region.

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