If elected, what would your major policy goals be with respect to addressing climate change?

Viewpoint by: David Abramson

"Viewpoint of David Abramson"
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I was pleased to see that there were so many questions about the climate crisis. I’ve watched so many of the presidential debates and usually there’s either one or zero – and this is on the national stage. Seeing all of that going on, on the national level, really inspired me to come up with a local plan for how we could address at least our little piece of the puzzle and become more resilient for the changes that are already happening – making sure that we have secure food and water systems.

Basically, according to the panel of climate scientists, we have until 2050 worldwide to become completely fossil free and carbon negative. Which means if every place lags, then we need to move forward in the next ten years.

What we’re proposing is a decade of climate action and community resilience planning through all these different areas that you can see in our platform. The biggest problem that we face is our economic system, which is fundamentally built on extraction and on inequality. We need to re-think our economic system to become more localized and in line with our planetary values.

There’s a lot of information on this online – we put forward a very detailed platform. I encourage you all to check that out.

(Response is a transcript from LWV Election Forum. Transcription by Davis Vanguard)

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