If elected, what would your major policy goals be with respect to addressing climate change?

Viewpoint by: Linda Deos

"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
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I do agree that we need to set some goals and we need to work towards actually actualizing those goals. I think all three of us agree on the year it needs to be done – and be carbon neutral. Carbon negative, I think, makes a lot of sense.

But what I also know is what Yolo County does is fabulous. We can be a leader and we can use what’s happening at UC Davis. We can partner with them, because they have the research ability to make this happen – not just here in Yolo County, but world-wide. We can be the teachers for everybody to take our knowledge out from the county .

I’d love to think that we can be carbon neutral or carbon negative but we are one small spot on the earth. What we can do is spread that out for others. I want to be able to secure funding for our farmers to be able to transition to do new farming practices. Our use of cover crops. What are we doing for re-generation of our soil. We’ve got the Rominger brothers who are doing quite a lot in Yolo County already and winning awards for it. How we can spread that knowledge out to our other farmers and show them you can still make a living and be better stewards for our earth going forward.

We are a leader in sustainability and I commend all the actions that the county has done with regards to this, but … Let us become a rural innovation hub where we can again come up with the answers for the world to build upon.

(Response is a transcript from LWV Election Forum. Transcription by Davis Vanguard)

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