Issue: County Finances

Unfunded county liabilities are estimated to be $885 million. In light of these unfunded liabilities, what is your overall assessment of County finances? If elected what policy goals would you pursue with respect to County finances?

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"Viewpoint of Jim Provenza"
The reason there is a pension liability is that you have to go back to the fiscal crisis of 2008, the Wall Street stock market crash. These pension funds lost tremendous amounts of money. Since then we have been playing catch up ...

Jim Provenza • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of David Abramson"
I think when you look at unfunded liabilities, you’re looking at a local reflection of a global economic system that is run in debt. Does anyone know how much debt the US is in? $23 trillion. This isn’t like a local problem that Yolo County’s dealing with.

David Abramson • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
​It is an issue. It’s an issue here in the city of Davis. And it’s obviously an issue with regard to the county. A lot of it is having to do with our pension costs, health care costs, of our workers. ...

Linda Deos • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

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