Issue: Criminal Justice Reform

If elected, what specific actions would you urge the board of supervisors to take that would promote criminal justice reform while balancing the need to protect public safety? For example, should Yolo County continue to detain youth at Juvenile Hall or look at alternative solutions to youth misbehavior, like improved mental health services?

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"Viewpoint of Jim Provenza"
The answer is that we are already doing those things and we should do more. We already have focused on mental health, in fact, I’m on a task force that is implementing a national stepping up program to identify ways to take people out of the criminal justice system – at arrest, after arrest, in jail, at all stages of the system.

Jim Provenza • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of David Abramson"
​Criminal justice reform is a very important issue that I really care about. I actually worked on Dean Johansson’s campaign in 2018. I was really inspired by the message that he was putting out and of all these progressive DA’s that are running on criminal justice reform. ....

David Abramson • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
​I have been campaigning to end cash bail for years. I’ve been writing to my legislature. I’ve been talking to anyone I can on this issue. That’s one reason I know that Dean Johansson has endorsed me in this race because of that strong stand I have with regard to cash bail.

Linda Deos • about 1 month ago • 0 comments

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