Issue: Home Food Innovation

What are you doing at home in Davis that is innovative in terms of food?

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"I Grow and Process Food Year Round - It's a Passion - Viewpoint of Ann M. Evans"
I grow a year round garden, and process food all year long as well. I describe some of my activities here, and my passion for it. I post a lot of my recipes on my website, -- and I share them in my monthly food column for the Davis Enterprise, "At My Table" which can be found the first Wednesday of the month. My next project, in late June, is pickling onions so I can have them on salads, with bbq'd meats, and in sandwiches this summer. I'd love to hear what you do.

Ann M. Evans • about 4 years ago • 0 comments

"Smoking Meat!"
Brisket can be daunting at first and is known to be one of the more difficult meats to cook. But with a few tips and the right equipment, anyone can make a good brisket at home!

Connor • about 4 years ago • 0 comments

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