Issue: Homelessness

What do you see as the most effective way to address the growing homeless problem? Please address in your answer the following: A. Do you support a panhandling ordinance?; B. Would you support a Social Services Parcel Tax?; C. Do you support a Housing First approach?; and D. What other measures would you support as councilmember?  The candidates were asked this question by the Davis Vanguard.  (link)

Viewpoint Summary List

"Viewpoint of Dan Carson"
No council candidate can “solve” the homelessness problem given the huge societal forces involved in this human tragedy. But we should work to address the problem because of our compassion as Davis residents and because of the potential harm to our downtown economic hub.

Dan Carson • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
​I support the panhandling ordinance recently passed by the city council, I do not support a social services tax at this time and I support a Housing First approach.

Linda Deos • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Gloria Partida"
I think solutions to all problems must be aimed at the root of the problem. Additionally, we have to be honest about what we want for outcomes. Homelessness is a result of a multitude of factors. Those factors must be addressed to move people into situations that are stable and sustainable.

Gloria Partida • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Larry Guenther"
The homeless issue is neither simple, nor simply a Davis issue. It is a regional issue and it is complex. There are almost as many reasons for homelessness as there are people who are homeless, ranging from mental health, to substance addiction, to simply not having enough money for rent. And these different causes require different solutions.

Larry Guenther • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Eric Gudz"
​I do not support the panhandling ordinance as it is currently drafted. Yes, I support a Social Services Parcel tax with pride. Yes, I support a Housing First approach.

Eric M Gudz • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Mary Jo Bryan"
​I support the city’s action (1) approving the location and funding of two public restrooms and storage containers and (2) an ordinance restricting certain behaviors. I support a city-wide collaboration to fund the building of Paul's Place. And I support a Housing First approach to addressing homelessness in Davis.

Mary Jo Bryan • over 2 years ago • 0 comments

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