Issue: Land Use and Housing

If elected what would you do to promote the development of affordable housing while protecting farmland and open space? Is there a role for the county in meeting UC Davis student housing needs?

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"Viewpoint of Jim Provenza"
The County will require energy-efficient standards including solar panels in new houses – although that’s required by the state under new rules. We think having enforceable county standards is still important. ....

Jim Provenza • 2 months ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
​Housing is probably the number one thing I hear as I’m talking to voters through out the district. Affordable housing specifically. What are we going to do about that?

Linda Deos • 2 months ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of David Abramson"
I would do everything in my power if I were elected to close these in lieu loopholes and work with developers that are going to fulfill their obligations.

David Abramson • 2 months ago • 0 comments

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