Issue: Water Policy

Yolo County is in the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and therefore a key player in California Water Policy. Traditionally the 4th District has played a significant role on the Board of Supervisors in water policy.

What are the key water issues that confront our county? and Why would you be the best person to lead Yolo County in water policy?

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"Viewpoint of Linda Deos"
I serve on the Board of the Yolo Basin Foundation, and I have been endorsed by a combination of environmental and agricultural leaders including the President of the Sierra Club and Sustainable Agricultural icons Richard and Evelyn Rominger as well as Environmental Justice leaders.

Linda Deos • 2 months ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of Jim Provenza"
​I have represented the Board of Supervisors on water issues for over 10 years. I am also a member of the Delta Conservancy and was chair of the Conservancy for three years.

Jim Provenza • 2 months ago • 0 comments

"Viewpoint of David Abramson"
Water is Life

David Abramson • 2 months ago • 0 comments

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