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Thank you for adding a community event to CivEnergy.

We have a particular interest in local election forums as well as local issue-based forums but are also interested in community-wide events and events of local community organizations.

Thank you for adding a news item to CivEnergy.

The most important thing to remember about a news item is that they are factual. We recommend but do not require that news items provide one or more links to a newspaper article or internet news story.

A moderator will be reviewing your news item.

Thank you for adding an organization in this community organizations directory!  The directory is crowd-sourced so your input is what keeps the directory alive and growing.  

In adding an organization, the critical pieces of information are your organization name, and a brief text summary of what your organization does (the Summary Description).  We also highly recommend that you provide your logo and the best way to find information about your organization (website, phone number, contact information etc.).  Adding tags will help citizens find your organization in the directory.  

If volunteers are important to your organization, there is a volunteers check box and a field (Volunteers Description) where you can message potential volunteers.

Similarly, if you are looking to expand your organization's membership, there is a members check box to indicate that and a field (Members Description) wher you can message people interested in joining you.  

Thanks again!

Thank you for adding your opinion to CivEnergy.

We encourage well-reasoned opinions about important and timely civic issues. That said, anything could be in an opinion.

The NYTimes put it this way: “Personal or explanatory essays, commentary on news events, reflections on cultural trends and more are all welcome.”

No opinions that include personal attacks will be posted. A moderator will review your opinion piece before it is published on CivEnergy.

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