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City_of_davis_logo The Davis City Council approved a four-year labor agreement with the Davis City Employees Association (DCEA), bringing to conclusion nearly a decade of operating without a negotiated contract. The DCEA is one of 5 employee groups with which the City of Davis has contracts.
​After active, contentious campaigning for Measure L (West Davis Active Adult Community) and almost no campaigning for Measure M (School Facilities Bond), both passed by large margins in Davis.
445px-foods_(cropped) ​In a guest commentary on the Davis Vanguard, Anya and Richard McCann make a case for making "Sustainable Food" the economic engine for downtown Davis through the planning exercise currently underway.
​Here is the video from the CivEnergy Measure L Forum that was held Oct 14, 2018 at Community Chambers. Linda Deos was the moderator. Representing "Yes on L" was Jason Taormino, David Thompson, and Dan Carson. Representing "No on L" was Alan Pryor and Rik Keller.
Measure_l_forum_questions_small ​At the CivEnergy Measure L forum held on Sunday October 14, we received 22 questions from the audience. Unfortunately we only had time to ask two of the audience questions. We promised that we would publish all 22 questions and give the "Yes on L" campaign and the "No on L" campaign the opportunity to answer the other questions. We have done that.
Davis_media_access_small Measure L Pro and Con Videos videotaped by Davis Media Access

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