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In a lawsuit between Old East Davis Neighborhood Association versus the City of Davis, ​Yolo county judge Samuel McAdam decided on May 15, 2019, that the City of Davis must rescind its approvals of the Trackside project.
Greta_thunberg_sq ​Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who has been an activist on the issue of climate change. She has been diagnosed with Asperger's and says in the TEDx talk shown below that she only speaks when she thinks it's necessary. "I remember thinking that it was very strange that humans, who are an animal species among others, could be capable of changing the Earth's climate. Because if we were, and if it was really happening, we wouldn't be talking about anything else."
Davis_vanguard_logo ​The Davis Vanguard held a forum on affordable housing on March 21. Participating in the discussion were: Lucas Frerichs, Davis City Council member; Lisa Baker, Yolo County Housing Authority; and Matt Dulcich, Local Government Relations Manager for UC Davis.
City_of_davis_logo ​Mayor Brett Lee and City Manager Mike Webb gave an annual "State of the City" talk at a Davis Chamber of Commerce event on Wednesday, March 13.
Climate_change On March 5, the Davis City Council approved a resolution on the consent calendar, declaring a climate emergency and and proposing mobilization efforts to restore a safe climate. The resolution was drafted by a citizen group including Lorenzo Kristov, Lynne Nittler, Elizabeth Lasensky, Robin Kozloff, Greg Miller, Steve Nyholm, and Denise Peach along with City Council members Dan Carson and Lucas Frerichs who are the legislative subcommittee of the Council.
Fed_report_picture ​A forum co-sponsored by CivEnergy and Davis Media Access was held on Thursday February 28. The goal of the forum was to summarize for the public a close-to-final report entitled "Food and Economic Development (FED) in Davis" and to allow the public to ask questions and make comments about the report. The report was written by Deem Tamimi, Catherine Brinkley, Grace Perry and Ann Evans.
Bistro_33_impossible_burger_at_dinner_crop_(1) Journalist Linnea Patterson interviewed Jim Edlund, owner of Redrum Burger, and Prajwal Bajracharya, owner of the Yeti restaurant in Davis about their plans for the COOL cusine burger battle. The COOL cusine burger battle is a month-long contest where chefs compete for diners’ taste buds. Diners get to taste and rate each burger they try among 17 different eateries.
Davis_enterprise_logo The Davis Enterprise published an editorial on Sunday Feb 24 entitled "Make Davis A Good Food City" In 2018, Mayor Brett Lee, through discussion with the authors of the editorial, proposed a Mayoral Initiative on the future of food in Davis. The City Council approved the concept and directed staff to work with the authors to develop a series of meetings with people from the Davis food community.

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