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CivEnergy Candidate Forum Video from March 18, 2018.
CivEnergy is featured in this Davis Media Access "In The Studio" episode. Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Bob Fung, the developer of the website.
Brody_fernandez_small ​Brody Fernandez sent a letter on February 19, 2018 to CivEnergy in which he bows out of the Davis City Council election.
Nishi The Davis City Council voted unanimously to put a revised Nishi housing project on the June ballot. The Nishi project is sandwiched between Interstate 80 and the UC Davis campus, a stones throw from Redrum Burger on Olive Drive.
Finance_pic_small The Davis City Council will put 2 parcel taxes on the June ballot. There will be a $49/year parks parcel tax which will extend the current parks parcel tax that is expiring this year. In addition, the City Council placed a new $99/year parcel tax for streets and bike paths. Both parcel taxes require a two thirds vote to pass.
Beeman_and_wife Ezra Beeman announced his run for the Davis City Council on February 4, 2018. Mr. Beeman was born and raised in Yolo County. Mr. Beeman has spent his career in the energy and utilities sectors including working in Australia for many years.
Finance_pic_small At the City Council meeting on Jan 23, 2018, the City Council continued its discussion of possible revenue measures to reduce what the City staff has said is a long-term $8 million/year deficit. After considering many options, they reached a consensus on a $49/year parcel tax for parks, and a $99/year parcel tax for transportation infrastructure.
Finance_pic_small ​At the City Council meeting (Jan 9, 2018) the Davis City Council continued to discuss putting one or more tax measures on the June 2018 ballot. At this meeting, the idea of a social services tax was shelved and the idea of making one of the taxes a utility users tax was discussed. The council has 2 more meeting before they need to come up with a specific proposal to put on the ballot.
Mark_west_small_square Mark West announced his run for the Davis City Council on January 4, 2018. Mr. West was born and raised in Davis and graduated from Davis High in 1977. He went on to receive a B.S. from the University of California and Phd in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins.
​Mayor Robb Davis has brought up the idea of a parcel tax to fund social services including housing for homeless people in the last few months in City Council meetings. The City Council is considering other parcel taxes for parks and for road maintenance.

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