Newsicon1 City Negotiates Contract with Davis City Employees Association

The Davis City Council approved a four-year labor agreement with the Davis City Employees Association (DCEA), bringing to conclusion nearly a decade of operating without a negotiated contract.  The DCEA is one of 5 employee groups with which the City of Davis has contracts.  The other 4 employee groups are:  the Program, Administrative, and Support Employees Association (PASEA) which includes over 80 city workers in professional positions, the City’s Individual Management group, the Police Officer's Association, and the Fire Department General Unit.  In June 2018, similar agreements were negotiated with PASEA and the City's Individual Management group.   All the employee groups now are working with a contract, except for the Firefighters group which expired in August 2017.  

Employee compensation including retirement benefits make up the majority of the City of Davis finances (in the General Fund).  The forecasted impact of this labor agreement and the labor agreements negoitated in June on the City of Davis finances has not been published.  

City of Davis Press Release

Davis Vanguard article

Memorandum of Understandings between the City of Davis and Labor Groups

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