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CivEnergy sponsored a Davis City Council candidates forum on March 18, 2018 in the Davis Community Church Fellowship Hall. All nine candidates for the two open council seats participated.  The candidates are: Ezra Beeman, Mary Jo Bryan, Dan Carson, Linda Deos, Eric Gudz, Larry Guenther, Gloria Partida, Luis Rios Jr. and Mark West.  The event was moderated by former Davis Mayor Ann Evans.   Following the formal question period, refreshments inspired by The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook were provided by Three Ladies Café a new, locally owned Davis restaurant.   Davis Media Access co-sponsored the event and videoed the forum.  There was a great turnout, around 275 people attended the forum.   The video is below.  

You can find the forum program at this link.  There was not enough time during the forum for the candidates to field audience questions.  Audience questions were asked for and and 35 questions were submitted by the audience.  You can see the questions for the candidates at this link.  The candidates are able to respond in the document.  

You can find the CivEnergy Davis City Council online candidates discussion at this link.  

CivEnergy’s goal is to help voters get the information they need to make informed voting decisions about candidates and issues. CivEnergy is nonpartisan, and does not favor any political party or candidate.

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