Newsicon1 CivEnergy Forum on City of Davis Measures H, I and J with Video

CivEnergy held a forum on the City of Davis Measures H (Parks Parcel Tax), I (Roads Parcel Tax) and J (Nishi).  For Measure H, Will Arnold represented the "Yes" side,  Michael Nolan represented the "No" side.  For Measure I, Elaine Roberts Musser and Brett Lee represented the "Yes" side and Michael Nolan again represented the "No" side.  For Measure J, Sandy Whitcombe and Robb Davis represented the "Yes" side. Colin Walsh and Matt Williams represented the "No" side.  The Davis Vanguard and the Davis Enterprise published articles on the forum: Davis Vanguard articleDavis Enterprise article.  The forum was cosponsored by Davis Media Access.  

Audience questions were collected at the forum on all three Measures.  There were the most questions on Measure J.  You can find all the Measure J questions and responses by the "Yes" and "No" sides at this link.  

The video of the forum is below:

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