Newsicon1 Davis City Council Candidate Responses to Sierra Club Yolano Group Questions

The Sierra Club Yolano Group prepared a questionnaire for candidates for the Davis City Council.  The asked the candidates a list of 23 questions.  They got responses from all 9 candidates.  The questions asked the candidates’ views on a wide range of environmentally-related issues of importance to Davis citizens in the following categories:

  1. Land Use & Housing Development
  2. Energy Use and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
  3. Waste Management
  4. Water Management & Conservation
  5. Transportation Management
  6. Toxics in the Environment
  7. Other Environmental Concerns
  8. Financial Contributors

The 23 questions can be found at this page.  

The Davis Vanguard published the candidate responses to the 23 questions in four parts.  

Part 2:  Land Use Questions

Part 3: Energy Use and Greenhouse Gases Questions

Part 4: Waste Management and Water Management & Conservation Questions

Part 5: Transportation Management and Toxics in the Environment Questions

Part 6: Other Environmental Issues and Financial Support Questions


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