Newsicon1 Lets Talk About Food Forum

A forum co-sponsored by CivEnergy and Davis Media Access was held on Thursday February 28.  The goal of the forum was to summarize for the public a close-to-final report entitled "Food and Economic Development (FED) in Davis" and to allow the public to ask questions and make comments about the report.  The report was written by Deem Tamimi, Catherine Brinkley, Grace Perry and Ann Evans.   You can find the report at this page.  Ann Evans introduction starts at 4 min 45 secs into the video.  Brett Lee's opening remarks starts at 6 min and 33 sec.  The questions and answers period starts at 1 hour and 22 minutes.  If you have any questions or comments about the report or after you watch the forum you can make them on this page.   

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