Newsicon1 Mayor Davis Gives an Analysis of the State of the City of Davis

Mayor Robb Davis gave an analysis of the state of the City of Davis in an editorial published in the Davis Vanguard and the Davis Enterprise.  The analysis was in the form of listing: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  This is a called a SWOT analysis and is a commonly used form of assessment.  (see this Wikipedia article for a further description of SWOT analyses.   Mayor Davis lists 3 items in each of the 4 categories.  

Strengths: Community Engagement; Water and Wastewater Infrastructure; Quality of our Police and Fire Services

Weaknesses: Inability to pay for maintenance of City infrastructure; Inability to develop unified collaboration with UC Davis; Lack of a coherent plan to diversify our economy.  

Opportunities: Community Choice Energy; Community Broadband; Restorative Justice

Threats: Pension and health care costs for retirees continue to grow rapidly;  Lack of funding for streets and roads; human crisis of untreated mental health problems and frequent self-medication

You can find the entire editorial at the:

Davis Vanguard

Davis Enterprise

A contrasting analysis can be found in former Mayor Wolk's editorial in the Davis Enterprise from December 2015 entitled "The Davis Renaissance". 

Mayor Wolk editorial

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