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On January 3, 2017  Mayor Robb Davis gave the State of the City address assisted by City Manager Dirk Brazil, and assistant city managers Kelly Stachowicz and Mike Webb. The Davis Chamber of Commerce hosted the event at the Odd Fellows.  

Mayor Davis did a quick SWOT* analysis and gave as its main strength, the City's (new) water infrastructure and its main opportunity, restorative justice programs for youth.  

Mayor Davis gave as its main weakness, the City's inability to adequately maintain its infrastructure.  “Our greatest weakness as a city right now is our inability to fund the maintenance of our infrastructure. That is true for our roads. That is true for our parks. That is true for our pools. That is true for just about every city building.  It’s not that we’re not putting any money into those things,” he explained. “It’s that we’re not putting sufficient money into it, year on year, to really maintain the things that we already have.”

According to Mayor Davis, the City's greatest threat is a increasing financial burden of employee pensions.  The increasing burden is mainly due to CalPERS adjusting its expected investment returns downward.  As investment returns decrease, the City's contributions must increase to make up the difference.  The Mayor said this could amount to as much as a $5 million increase (around 10% of the City's current general fund budget.  

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* SWOT = Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats

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