Opinions, Davis, California

06-09-20 We have "paused" CivEnergy!!
We have "paused" CivEnergy for the time being. We are looking to redesign and re implement CivEnergy as 2 different websites, one that focuses on the community organization directory and one that focuses on online election forums.
03-30-20 New CA Senate Bills Shift Energy Planning to Local Governments
By Lorenzo Kristov, Davis resident and energy policy professional. Two new bills in the California Senate — SB 1314 (Bill Dodd) and SB 1240 (Nancy Skinner) — can open the way for cities, counties, energy customers and third parties to plan and deploy clean local energy resources to address resilience and sustainability. These bills initiate a major shift in energy planning and decision making to local governments and communities, rather than relying entirely on the centralized, top-down utility energy planning that has dominated energy policy in California for decades.
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