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If you have a question for the Davis City Council candidates, send it to info@civenergy.org. We will include it in a community list of questions.  We have notified the candidates that there are community questions that been asked.  Each candidate has been given access by CivEnergy to respond.    We will update the questions list below periodically.  To see the questions and candidate responses go to this link.  

Questions received from the Davis Community as of April 9, 2018


Question (March 18): If and when much needed small homes, etc are built what is to stop be buyers (real estate, etc) from buying all these units and renting them out for large amounts?

Question (March 18): Low-income disenfranchised Davis residents to small pockets of “affordable” housing in our town?

Question (March 18): What will you do to address the affordable housing issue? (especially for seniors

Question (April 1): How will you ensure smaller, more affordable houses are built in Davis? Please be as specific as possible.

Question (March 18): Old East Davis needs to find a way to get behind density-agree?

Question (March 18): How do you have economic development if you don’t have housing?

Question (March 18): How will you ensure that public employees (particularly teachers) can live in the city they serve rather than live in Woodland or other more affordable areas?

Question (March 18): Building “high-density” housing attracts new residents, who are usually moving here from dense urban places that have already been densified and gentrified. What could we do to retain long term residents instead of encouraging another saturation of population?

Question (March 18): Describe your position on population growth and density. How to decrease population and/or discourage growth. Density control (by regulation of density in different neighborhoods). Preservation of small, single family homes from the early to mid century. Control of multi-story buildings.

Question (DCC, added April 6) Affordable Housing: What is your view on in lieu fees for developers for affordable housing? How will you address the crisis in affordable housing in Davis? What solution(s) will you work for to address the homelessness crisis? Of the issues facing Davis, what is your highest priority?

Relationship between the City of Davis and UC Davis

Question (March 18): Background: City Council adopted a resolution asking UCD to amend its draft 2027 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP). It called upon UCD to provide on-campus student housing for 100% of projected enrollment growth starting in 2017 and at least 50% of total enrollment. The resolution specified that without such on-campus housing, UCD reduce its enrollment growth. UC Santa Cruz was forced by litigation to limit its enrollment so that at least 50% of students live on campus. UCD has thus far not responded to the City’s resolution. UCD’s recently announced housing construction still falls way short of a 50% commitment. If UCD continues to ignore the City’s resolution will you vote to sue UCD? (Just answer “yes” or “no.”)

Question (March 18): Where Will Future UCD Employees live? Background: UCD’s draft Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) anticipates more than 2,300 employees in the 10 years between 2017 and 2027, but provides no information on where UCD expects the additional staff will live.

Question (March 18): What are your thoughts on how to provide housing to more than 2,300 additional UCD employees?

Question (March 18): What are your plans for communicating city needs/values to the university?

Question (March 18): The City Council just voted 5-0 to supply essentially (mostly expensive) student housing with no agreement or concessions from UCD to do its FAIR SHARE for housing. How would you address this issue (and lack of significant effort from UCD)?


Question (March 18): After 1 year of discussion, when do you think a public restroom should be installed and where?

Question (March 18): No one on the panel addressed homelessness in Davis. What actions would you champion to address lack of mental health care and shelter in Davis?

Question (March 18): Parking and Homeless problems. How would you solve?

Question (March 18): How to feed low income/homeless? Davis Yolo Food Bank needs MOU’s with grocery and restaurants to donate food to community meals. This charitable enterprise could be marketed in Davis Food Industry.

City Finances

Question (March 18): The City may have as much as $30 million in enterprise reserve fund excess and another $100 million in excess reserves elsewhere. How would you invest those funds better than the current return of 0.7%/year.

Question (March 18): Do you think addressing costs associated with unfunded retiree pensions and related benefits should be a council priority? If so, how would you approach this issue?

Question (March 18): What is your plan for the unfunded pension liability the City of Davis faces?


Question (March 18): Cannabis, both medicinal and recreational was not discussed. Seems to me that the potential tax revenues from cultivation, transportation, manufacturing and sales could be huge. What is your stand on supporting the cannabis businesses in Davis?

Public Safety

Question (March 18): Speak to police oversight.

Question (March 18): What is your view of the new city proposal on surveillances of its citizens and visitors?

Measure R

Question (March 18): If you say you would amend Measure R: The Citizens Right to Vote, how would you amend it? Please give detail in your answer of the amendments you would propose.

Question (March 18): Your positions on Measure J/R\

Proposed Parks and Transportation Parcel Taxes (Measure H and Measure I June 2018)

Question (Email April 1) For those that support Measure H and Measure I, how will you ensure the revenues received are used for the greenbelts, our roads, our parks. I have not seen any improvements on the greenbelts when I go walking from the last parcel tax, no common sense improvements. They remain very uneven and unsafe for wheelchair bound folks, bikes, roller skating people, even folks walking the pavement is uneven, broken, puddles etc. I’m not asking for perfection, I’m asking for them to be in good condition.

Prove to use that our tax dollars are being used for what you say they are supposed to be used for, then more folks

would agree with you for a higher parcel tax but the public is not seeing our money being put to good use.


Question (March 18): Environmental Issues: 1) Household uses of Round-Up and rodent poisons have been shown to cause mortality in honey bees and animal consumers of poisoned rodents. What are your thoughts on city-wide regulations concerning the availability and use of these products? 2) Due (in part) to loss of suitable habitats, burrowing owl populations are on a local extinction curve. What are your thoughts on preservation of agricultural and semi-natural areas within the city boundaries?

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Adaptation

Question (April 2) Our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) was cutting edge when it was written but has not had sufficient updates and is now behind the requirements of other cities in California that are performing updates. Our understanding of greenhouse gas and climate change and what is needed to combat them has evolved significantly since our CAAP was approved. This impacts the City's ability to require sustainable practices in new residential and non-residential building projects as well as retrofits. Staff wrote a grant last year that has an excellent outline of how to conduct the update. Will you support finding room in the City budget next year to hire a consultant to update it?

Water Issues

Question (March 18): Do you believe water scarcity is a critical issue for our city and region?

Question (March 18): Do you support water reuse at both a centralized and decentralized level (households) as a critical strategy?

Question (March 18): If elected, would you support ordinances requiring builders and developers to include greywater systems specifically for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Question (March 18): Water Issues: A few years ago, with little or no previous announcements, the combined household water use/sewer/garbage removal fee was effectively doubled for most of us. What is the status of the city’s indebtedness for the purchase of the lands used to supply surface waters to Davis? Do you foresee increased residential fees for these services?

City Staff

Question (March 18): How will you gain more control over information flow and available decision options from the City staff?


Question (March 18): How do you, the candidates see public transportation as a part of the solution to parking and traffic especially in downtown? How would you improve it?.

Building Community Inclusiveness

Question (March 18): What have you done to create inclusion of POC, LGBTQIA, Women, and Low Income People of Davis?

Other Questions

Question (April 6): City council persons get a City of Davis email which is posted on the City website. What would your policy about returning emails from Davis citizens?

Question (March 18): How can we create “farm to “food” restaurants like Winters when Indian and Asian restaurants and rich developers have the power to create what they want?

Question (March 18): What is your position on IRU? With 9 candidates, it is likely that 2 winners could have less than 20-25% of the vote. That could mean most voters do NOT want them. With IRU, preferences can be included.

Question (March 18): Would you support district-based council seats?

Question (March 15): Public investment in a fiber optic Internet network is setting some communities ahead with Gigabit Internet speeds and providing a good platform for innovation. It also provides relief to high prices and mitigates the monopoly pricing power of the large Internet companies. This proposal is being considered by the City of Davis Broadband Advisory Task Force and is 2 years along. Do you think municipal fiber investment is a public good? and If, in addition to operating by its revenues, it required limited public investment in its beginning years, would you support it? 

Contact: Send email to info@civenergy.org with your questions

Volunteer gardeners are needed at the Central Parks Garden! Volunteers are provided tools and direction for work projects, and work days are led by experienced local gardeners. Meet other local gardeners and learn about gardening, while contributing to the community!




Contact through the website to volunteer


AYSO is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating a safe opportunity for kids to play organized soccer. Volunteers are needed in a number of capacities. Refereeing and coaching are the two most common volunteer positions, but positions in marketing, committees, tournaments, and many other positions are available.




Volunteers with the SPYC will answer phones be the first point of contact for callers on their way to improving their mental health. Applications are available on their website.


(530) 756-7542


Email is available through their website.


"The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors." Volunteer at the Yolo County Red Cross to provide local disaster relief, become a First Aid/CPR Instructor, do community outreach and many other things.


To Volunteer, fill out an application here: http://www.redcross.org/ca/sacramento/volunteer/adult-volunteer


STEAC provides immediate, short term aid to individuals and families in Yolo County, whose incomes are below the federal poverty level. Volunteers can help out at the food closet, at the many food drives STEAC organizes, in the administrative offices, and in STEAC's outreach programs.


(530) 758-8435



Volunteers can work in a number of positions. These opportunities include, preparing and serving meals with the Meals Program, helping with resident intake and safety at the Shelter and Transitional Housing or the Cold Weather Shelter, and much more.


Davis Community Meals
202 F St.
Davis CA 95616

(530) 220-4089

Email through their website 



Volunteer opportunities are available at the Davis Arts Center. These opportunities include helping out at receptions, assisting in classrooms, organizing fundraising events and much more.


Davis Arts Center

1919 F St

Davis, CA 95616


(530) 756-4100



Be a court appointed special advocate and provide support for children in foster care.


Yolo County CASA

724 Main St, Suite 101, Woodland, CA 95695

(530) 661-4200


Volunteers can help the local Science Center from building exhibits, maintaining the Explorit Store, to showing local youth the wonders of science.


Explorit Science Center

3141 5th St, Davis, CA 95618

(530) 756-0191

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