Yolo CCL members work on community outreach, tabling, presentations, and endorsements. We meet monthly in Davis or Woodland. We are a welcoming, casual group with members from across the political spectrum.

Volunteer Information:

Some of the activities our volunteers perform include:

  • Writing letters to representatives
  • Writing editorials to local newspapers
  • Meeting with Congressional staff
  • Outreach presentations to other local groups
  • Gathering petitions supporting our proposed legislation
  • Meeting with local politicians to obtain supporting resolutions
  • Collaboration with other local climate change oriented groups
  • Participation in local climate change focused events
  • Participation in the annual meeting and lobbying effort in Washington D.C.
  • Collaboration with and providing support to other nearby or fledgling CCL chapters

Email: yolocounty@citizensclimatelobby.org

Group Leader - Terry Beggs: (530) 219-5121 terry.a.beggs@gmail.com


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